Friday, May 8, 2009

She's all heart

This is going to be an expresso blogpost tonight! We are in the company of friends for a Pictionary night, so at least we are being creative!

Anyway ... the picture above is of some rocks and pottery I found on the path behind our house. I wanted to collect some pebbles to put in my guardian doll as 'ballast' to help her stand up, and decided quartz and the red rock which makes up our area would be fine to use. My favourite of the elements is earth and I want to incorporate it into my doll, so these finds will do the job brilliantly. If you really squint and look at the piece of red glazed pottery, you might see that it resembles a heart - well I did anyway! So that makes it extra special. The other heart is made from needle felting some wool fibres; I was experimenting.

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