Monday, May 25, 2009

Obsessed with a hat!

It's been another bookkeeping day so I haven't been able to do much arty activity. Having said that, I would have finished the bookkeeping much earlier if I hadn't sat down to knit the rest of my hat that I want to felt when finished. Well, I finished the hat and it was ginormous, great for bad hair/make-up days! I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to felt it, and whilst it's getting smaller it's still too long. It's now shaped over a mixing bowl and I'll have a look at it tomorrow - it may need to go into the washing machine. I know the wool felts well because I've used it before; I think the pattern may have produced a hat that is too long, so I may have to do some creative shaping and cutting to achieve the desired result! It does look fairly good though, and the crown fits my big head OK, so I know I can make this work! I'll post the funny photo of me with the too big hat tomorrow, hopefully with the beautiful finished result underneath it!

We really need the winter woollies now - it was 8 degrees this morning, which feels awfully cold to us! (As my sister in the UK says, I've gone soft!) Next project will be a pair of felted slippers ...

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