Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking time out ...

Eastern Beach in Auckland - we used to walk along here every day to take the kids to school.

This hill is just amazing - like someone carved it. Too beautiful. (Raglan)

Must be because I'm English, but I just love clouds! (Raglan)

It's a Sunday, but with my 'writing every day in May' challenge (couldn't resist naming the challenge - too much rhyming to miss it!) I have to write on my usual day off. So, what have I been up to on this lovely autumnal Sunday? I've been sitting in the back yard drawing over 400 little hexagons onto quilting fabric with my cardboard template. Seriously. My husband was a little worried, but I actually found it very meditative and was away in my own little world for hours, until the magic was broken at twilight by a mozzie trying to have me for tea!

I've also found time to browse some of the blogs I follow, and today I was looking at the work of the unique and talented Alisa Burke. Take a look at her website - I love her work because it's so vivid and original. It has a real feeling of freedom, and makes me think that she has had the courage to step forward and follow her dream of making art with passion. Her whole attitude is inspirational to me - take a look for yourself.

As it is supposed to be a day of rest (ha, ha!) I've included some more photos of our New Zealand holiday. Still trying to maintain that lovely, relaxed feeling of not being obliged to do anything by any deadline - fading rapidly, but I'll cling to it for as long as I can!

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