Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding my spark ...

It's time for a bit of a catch-up ... to let you know what I've been up to ...

well ...

if you really want to see what I've been doing just click away here to be transported into my second home in cyberspace.  It was something of a challenge for me, and to be honest I was all blogged out by the time I'd worked on that for a while and had no umph left to write here.  But that's all fixed now :)

Now for the picture up above.  I found my geranium candle the other day - sometimes I like to burn a candle as I work, something to reflect on and if it smells nice that's an added bonus!  This candle was given to me over 20 years ago (eek!) by my sister (I remember the length of time so well as this candle went to university with me and that was a long time ago!) - I'm not sure she even remembers giving it to me, but as it flickered I thought of her and she was with me as I worked.  I felt happy :)  I love candles as to me they symbolize a light in the darkness, a spark of life that leads me neatly onto my next subject ... (I should get an award for my linking skills - and they told me I was useless at English at school!)

Today I went to a day course on the Spark of Life which is a program used in dementia care.  It offers a different paradigm for caring for dementia patients - based on real connection and relationships - heart centred care.  If you want to learn more, visit the Dementia Care Australia website.  I'm going to write more on an international creative arts project being run by Spark of Life, which anyone is free to enter.  For now just start to think about the thing or things that ignite your spark - what is your reason for living - what gives you joy - what is your passion in life?

So think on that and I'll explain more in my next post - oh and don't forget to visit my little site I've been busy creating.  xx

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eye, eye!

Here's a pic of the newest addition to our family - we've actually had him for over 2 months - he's called Blackie/Finn/Bunyip and is probably suffering from an identity crisis.  Our dog is also obsessed with him and will sit outside the hutch just watching for hours on end.  Still.  After 2 months. 

My very dubious link for this post is that bunnies are supposed to have good eyesight aren't they - as opposed to me, who hasn't :(  I'd spent the whole of this holiday weekend worrying about my eyesight as I could see a black shadow in the corner of my eye and my eyes felt very sore.  So I put my glasses on and wore them constantly in the hope they'd help take the pain away - turned out to be the worst thing I could do!  My  glasses are now too strong and I'd given myself eyestrain ... My lovely hubby had suggested to me that it could be a symptom of a detached retina, so when the optician told me it was just aging that was causing my vision to change so much I could have done a happy dance around the room :) 

You should never Google symptoms!!!!  I Forgot to mention that I had to go and lie down for a while as I'd made myself feel sick reading about treatments of varying eye conditions that I possibly had ...

It's ended up that I've had to take out a second mortgage to buy new glasses - but hey, who cares - it's only age!!!  xx