Thursday, May 7, 2009

Real work?

I ran another creativity class today and it went so well we lost track of time and will have to finish our project off next week. As I posted yesterday we painted mandalas onto a calico tote, using acrylic paints. The bags look brilliant, but I forgot to take my camera - aach - so I've taken a photo of my bag at home, and will hopefully remember the camera to photograph everyone else's creations next week.

We were all feeling somewhat stressed this morning when I arrived, associated with work, family, school runs - the usual busy lives we lead. So after Linda gave us a reading on the Aura-Soma bottles we'd chosen, I eased us into the class with some wet-on-wet watercolour - I have posted about this before; you simply wet a piece of watercolour paper with water until it resembles a mini swimming pool, choose 3 colours for your palette and then brush, splodge, flick, dot paint all over the page. Don't let your head lead - it's all from the heart! Then take a look at what you've done and you'll be surprised what shows up. Our symbols ranged from angels, starbursts, flowers to pebbles! It really relaxed us, and made us open to painting some of our favourite symbols into a mandala for our bags.

It's a real honour to be working with the 'girls' in the group. They are all very creative, even though most of them would deny it! And they inspire me - hopefully I do the same for them. I told my husband about my 'work' today and he teased me by saying that it couldn't be work because I enjoyed it too much. (He's just jealous!!) Maybe I should call it a blessing instead of work?

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