Monday, May 18, 2009

Brain drain

Today has been a total non-art day, and I'm suffering! I've had to do bookkeeping, which though vitally important does not float my boat as they say! Instead it has left me feeling like I've been run over with a steamroller. Probably is good for the brain to work in the left sphere, as well as the creative right sphere I suppose.

Coo, I was getting a bit worried by a little wriggling noise I could hear as I was typing. As I looked to my right, an enormous ant was walking across a piece of paper - phew, that's all it was! ...

So after my mammoth bookkeeping session I settled down on the sofa to start knitting a hat from some recycled 100% wool, which I'm hoping to felt when it's finished. It's a brown colour (I do like brown, I know sad, but true) and to pep it up a bit I'm going to needlefelt some patterns onto it when completed. Then I'm going to post a picture of it on Ravelry, which is a cool site if you're into knitting and crochet. It provides a place for you to organize your work as well as swap patterns, ask advice and be part of an on-line community. The internet provides everything doesn't it!

Well, I ended up writing more than I thought I could. Time to take a break I think!

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