Saturday, May 2, 2009

Art from the heart becoming real!

Gorgeous colours

A 'birds-eye' view - creativity abounds - look at all that lovely glitter!

On Thursday I had my very first creativity lesson of 2009! A step towards my arty dream! The classes in this series carry on for another 4 weeks, so if you feel like taking some time out to nurture your creativity, meeting some great people and be inspired and inspiring, drop along to the Creative Seeds studio at 5/264 Kalamunda Road, Maida Vale - Thursdays, 9.30 - 11.30 am. Cost is $30 per session. I'm hoping to do some workshops over the next few months as well, so watch this space ...

Our first project was on the theme of nurturing our creativity, and affirming it visually. The first step was to felt an (empty) egg with wool fibres, build a nest for it and finally to write an affirmation to creativity! I had thought of getting each person to write a tiny letter to themselves with creative encouragement written on them, but had a brainwave the day before the class about writing the affirmation on a small mandala to place under the egg. Mine read 'I am living the creative life' in a decreasing spiral to the centre of my mandala, and on the bottom of the nest I wrote 'I am an artist - and loving it'. I've read in so many self-help books that if you want to become something, you have to act like that something. Between us we all produced some lovely nests to nurture our creative spirits. Isn't it wonderful how different each one is? That's the beauty of creativity, it's infinite in its possibilities.

Whilst I'm writing about creative people, I want to mention my mum who is a very talented writer, who's always been so busy looking after us all she's never found the time to indulge in her passion for creating wondrous worlds through her stories. I'm hoping now she's retired she'll be able to find time for her passion and write and create with abandon! She was (and is) one of the biggest encouragers of my creativity - thank you mum!! Now it's your turn!

I think it's vital we all follow the dreams we have, after all imagine if you didn't try - you'd never know what could have been ... so go on ... follow that dream.

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