Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Where is everybody?

Boo!  Here I am again - but exactly where is here?  I'll give you some clues:

A lovely seaside town, with a street boasting buildings from the Middle Ages

A row of shops and houses that makes me want to break out my fabric stash and make a patchwork quilt seafront

Last, but not least, a 67 feet high statue called Verity

She left my son pondering why a pregnant lady stood guard over the harbour, whilst I marvelled at the amazing musculature on display - I've always had a fascination for anatomy and the way these machines we call our body are made and move.  On returning home I Googled Verity before I knew that was her name and discovered she is an artwork by Damien Hirst - immediately I knew she would be a controversial seaside pier addition as he does like to push the envelope.  On reading further it does seem he has divided opinion amongst the viewing public, but I like her.  Though I don't know why ... a Google search for Verity will give you many images to choose from and will reveal where my travels have ended :)   (A word of warning, if looking inside the human body at muscle structure and a developing foetus doesn't fascinate, but rather repulses you, perhaps don't look at the images.  But we are all built of the same stuff ... it's up to you!)

It's good to be home, I'm thinking more new adventures beckon.