Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preparation is important

I'm very proud of myself - I've managed to work out how to 'shrink' my photos so that I don't use up so much of my picture allowance. Now for you technically minded people out there it's nothing to brag about, but trust me it's a big thing for me! The added plus is that the photos are loading in seconds, rather than me having enough time to go off and make a cup of tea, have a chat with someone ...

Today we changed around the furniture in the kid's rooms and did other house chores. It has to be done I suppose, can't spend every moment of everyday doing something arty (if only ...) I have been thinking about my creativity lesson tomorrow though - I do actually have lessons planned, but as I go along during the week I'll think of a different way to approach an activity, or think of something else I can add to the particular activity. This week we're going to be painting a design on a shopping tote, and I've since last week decided we should make it a mandala design. Let's see what's produced tomorrow.

Oh well, had better finish now. I've got some homework to do - it's my turn to interview Violette on the blog tour next Wednesday and I have to get the questions to her today so that she has some time to prepare. The other blogs that have taken part so far have set the bar high, and I may have to re-think a couple of my questions. It's been great to see so many other creativity blogs whilst learning some more about a unique and lovely artist.

The photo above was taken by my son; we are standing on the beach at Mission Bay, and you can see Rangitoto Island (yes, it is a volcano!) in the background - it can be seen from anywhere in Auckland and is particularly distinctive in shape. It's featured in a couple of my paintings, and in a fair few more around the world I should think.

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