Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easy as pie ...

A quiet Sunday in WA - it's a long weekend so we get tomorrow off too! Today I've been organizing my creative space I've managed to create in our room between the lounge and kitchen. Because it is a thoroughfare I need to put everything I use most in plastic boxes with lids so I can pile them up in an attempt to look neat. I will have to be good and put everything away when I've finished creating. Could be a long learning curve!

Tidying up piles of art materials and throwing out rubbish doesn't make for good photographs, so I've taken a picture of the lemon meringue pie I made today, with a lemon off our very own tree! It's been a very, very dry season this year so the crop has been minimal to say the least - 3 lemons - but we still get a buzz out of using our home grown crops!

And ... I've got to the end of my 'Every day in May' challenge! Giving myself a pat on the back for a good effort.

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