Thursday, May 21, 2009

Healing Avocado!

I've had the opportunity to work from a friend's studio for a couple of days, and today I painted a picture of an avocado lady! You can see her in the top picture. As you may remember I've been having a few health issues of the hormonal variety, and they keep revisiting! So today as it was making me feel miserable I thought I would paint through it and put my feelings about the whole matter into art. The result is my avocado lady looking sad, though I have surrounded her with healing orange light, and re-affirmed that I want healing with the word 'healing' at the bottom of the picture. If nothing else it made me concentrate on something other than discomfort, and I did feel soothed by the time I finished. I just have to keep reiterating how healing art is, to mind, body and soul.

The other beautiful picture is by my youngest who accompanied me to the studio. We painted the little wee man together, although it is mainly the younger artist's work. I just lent a hand to painting the t-shirt! We found some awesome kids paint that was clear in colour but contained glitter, so when it dries you're left with a lovely sparkly surface. That gained top marks from both of us. In fact the time creating art with my children is another thing to be thankful for, precious together time doing something we love.

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