Monday, September 29, 2014

Going around in circles

Sometimes my work includes working at a respite day where I'm in charge of the craft activity.  I need to find something fairly simple but interesting as we don't have oodles of time.  This month I've chosen circular weaving.  All you need is a paper plate (or 2 together if they're feeble and flimsy like mine were!), acrylic yarn in different colours, scissors and maybe a plastic needle if you find it difficult to weave using your fingers.

Of course I had to have a go myself :)

I found a really good resource too.  Mr E is my new art hero :)  I did have some idea of what to do, but when I started off on my own, things didn't look quite right!  This blog helped me realize I hadn't made the right numbers of spokes on my wheel - odd numbers are what you need - doh!  Then you'll get that beautiful 'under, over, under, over' pattern.  I'll leave Mr E to give you the instructions as he does it so well.  (Follow link above).

Lovely.  I'm wondering now what else I can create with my circles, I'm also thinking they could be quite addictive ...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014!!!

OK - I'm supposed to be uploading files from our hard drive to my pc before the charge runs out (old computer but I love it and don't want to update, I'm a post-Luddite at heart!), but I had to check out Shells in the Bush blog to if the linky for Blogtoberfest is open - and it is!  So, go there now and enter your blog if you want to blog for every day in October (ok, nearly everyday ...) and you want to lead people to your awesomeness, plus read other awesome blogs.

I've been lucky enough to meet Shells before at a wine festival here in the dear old Hills, and now want to travel to the Phillipines and buy a zentangle mug after following the other links.  My dears, this will expand your world!

Go ... link up ...

I will post the blog button later.  Must download files.  Will return later! (Downloaded the image!)

Friday, September 12, 2014

OWOP - Bit-of-Splice Skirt

I finished it!

Here's my lovely A-line skirt made from the Splice skirt pattern, embellished with a chenilled circle of fabric.  I simply cut 2 squares of fabric, aid them on top of one another and sewed lines diagonally across it so I could cut between them on the bias and after washing the fabric would chenille itself.  It looks like it could do with another wash or two to make it more fluffy :)  Using a side plate I drew out a circle on my square and attached it to the skirt, using a blanket stitch on my machine.  You could use a zig-zag instead.

An arty one showing shadow, blue sky, wisteria and the funky retro binding I found in a vintage shop in Adelaide!
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  That's 6 versions I've made from the one pattern, not a bad effort considering the week I've had  :)

If you want to have a go at making your own splice skirt, you can get the pattern here.

OWOP - Catch up time

Time for a wee catch-up of Splice skirts, here are 3 for you :)

This is my summery splice skirt, made with 2 layers of quilting cotton.  I love it, but it was a tad cold on the day I chose to wear it this week, so it's complimented by a pair of Ugg boots, much to the disgust of my youngest!

My newest Splice was made to cheer me up,  Sometimes a bit of creativity helps liven the mood, so I stopped off at Spotlight and chose some more quilting cottons (as if I haven't got enough in my stash!).  I do find browsing colourful fabrics goes a long way to cheering me up too.  This is my special purple Splice -

And finally, my work-a-day Splice.  This one I wear mostly to work; at first glance it's just a simple black linen look officewear skirt, then on closer attention you notice the purple lace and gorgeous spotty vintage fabric underneath -

Presently I'm working on a bit-of-Splice skirt.  I can still hear the washing machine which contains the requisite part for chenilling.  I hope I can get it finished for today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OWOP - Not-so-Splice Skirt

This is the fabric I shared with you a little while ago.

This is the skirt I finished on my daughter's machine yesterday.  It's my not-so-Splice skirt - it only has one layer and is a beautiful A-line skirt, which seems to flatter just about anyone I've seen it on.  It's my most comfortable skirt.  Here you can see it after surviving one whole day at work, in and out of the car and office.  Still looking good!  :)

These photos show me how important it is to have a good fitting bra that doesn't show under your clothes!  I need to wear my lovely well-fitting ones from M&S I purchased on our recent hols.   A visit to M&S is a must when we go back to the Isle of Wight!  Failing that I need to start making my own undies ... now that's an idea ...

I still owe you 2 splice skirts ... still to be blogged!

Monday, September 8, 2014

No OWOP today!!

Gah!  I give up!  My beloved 20 year old Viking sewing machine blew up on me this evening, with a sizzle, boof and then smoke drifting out of the motor :(   Then I couldn't find the pedal to my Singer because I must have put it in a 'safe' place before I went to the UK and have forgotten where said 'safe' place is.  Bah!  So I used my lovely daughter's little machine to finish off the not-so-splice skirt which I shall wear to work tomorrow.

Now all motivation to do anything apart from retire to bed on a cold and stormy night has gone, which means I will have 3 OWOP items to share next time I blog. 

Bah humbug - feeling grumpy!!

But at least I have a gorgeous skirt to wear tomorrow ...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Week, One Pattern 2014 (OWOP)

Today is the first day of 'One Week, One Pattern'.  Basically you choose a pattern you love to bits, love to make and wear, and hopefully already have a few items already made up of, then you post a pic of the said item for the OWOP which starts today for one week.  Simples.

My pattern is the beloved Splice skirt, designed by Jody Pearl of Sew Outside the Lines.  Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may know of my love affair with this garment. I've actually made 6, one of which now lives happily in the UK, another of which is simply one layer making a gorgeously fitting A-line skirt.  Somehow, I have to try and make a couple more this week.  Piece of cake.  I just won't work, eat or do the washing up!

Actually that's what I love about this pattern, it's so quick and easy to make up, especially after you've made a couple. If you haven't tried one already head to Jody's site here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to the routine

Sparkly Nora Batty tights
Hello my lovelies.  This is just a little post to say I'm back (have been physically back in Oz for a week) in the land of the living.  Jet lag is so not enjoyable!

Blogging was not easy in the UK for us so I didn't stress over it.  We found it hard enough to get connected for emails, so we left it at that.  Accordingly there is a lot to catch up on :)  Watch this space for pics and maybe some stories ...

We had such a great time catching up with friends and family.  Some things changed and lots of things stayed the same.  Now it's back to normal routine, savouring the memories of this last visit until we get to go again xxx

A picture from one of our younger friends happy to see us home xx