Saturday, July 5, 2014

Little Ellie skirt

We're beginning to sort out what we want to pack - and in my pile I found the skirt I've made for my niece which will travel with us.

I bought the fabric last time I went to the UK in 2012 and little miss chose it herself.  I like to take my time making things though ...

The skirt is simply made from a rectangle, hemmed and a casing made at the top.  I used 2 cm wide elastic so it's nice and comfy, and just did a row of stitching through the elastic at the side seams to stop the elastic from twisting with wear, which gets really annoying!  It's such a simple pattern which allows for a bit of embellishment - such at the pockets trimmed with bias binding.

What do you reckon of the photos and styling?  So many of the sewing bloggers I read seem to be taking their photos of their clothes in front of their shed, so I decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and allowed my hubby's shed a starring role ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2014


To say it has been hectic over the past few days would be the understatement of my year!  Work, chores, sleep, back up to do the same again ... and so it goes :)  But ... the good news is that one of our passports has turned up, despite the fact that the UK Passport Agency is allegedly a 'bloodbath' at the moment - that's words from a British consulate official not myself.  At least we can now get Little Man into the UK and back into Oz!

This weekend will be spent getting our big girl ready for her overseas adventure, then it will be all hands to the pump to get ourselves ready.

And I still have so much to show you - hopefully a finished fusion blanket to share, pics of some printed, self-designed fabric, my goodies from By Hand London and maybe a finished dress to showcase if I manage to find the time - so the blogging will go on, I've just been a wee bit busy ...

Life's good!  :)