Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 ...

Can you believe it's that time already, time to say goodbye to one year in readiness for the next.  What will it bring?  More adventure and challenge I'm sure :)

It's been a busy few weeks this last part of the year.  We've hardly stopped, having to move my husband's business from one premises to the new has taken up much of our time - fitting in children and school in between busy times!  And Christmas is always so rushed - why is that? I'm sure it's a matter of choice when it comes down to it, I wonder if I can make it any better, any less rushed for Christmas 2014.  Watch this space!

Reflected light dancing on the table top makes me happy too ...
There have been a few highlights to 2013, visiting South Australia for the first time and seeing the Barossa Valley - where all our favourite wines come from; watching my two eldest children growing up and gaining independence; seeing Little Man flourish at school and becoming a Lego building force to be reckoned with; being a part of a weekly craft get together with two other talented friends; getting down and dirty in my first mud obstacle run; not to mention my first ever triathlon which has sparked a desire to run more in 2014.

Happy 18th birthday ice cream cake and sparklers ...
Mostly I'm happy that my family are still thriving and are quite content to be around mum and dad for a while yet.  Having got my eldest 2 to the ripe old age of 18, that's a milestone to be proud of too.  I'm happy too to be spending New Year with my favourite people, sitting outside with my hubby whilst typing this and musing about what 2014 will bring for our family.  Not a bad way to end the year hey?

Thanks for all your support and following of my blog, which has been a bit up and down this year, but I'm planning to change that for the year ahead.  I wish you all a fabulous New Year!!!  All the very best for 2014 xxx

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Here are my little bunny slippers all felted and finished!

Just a sneak peek as they are someone's Christmas present.

But ... I can tell you they are a pattern from Tiny Owl Knits, and I used Panda Woolbale 8 ply (DK)which is fabulous for felting.  They are a lovely easy project, with lots of potential for making as whimsical as you wish! 

Today they started their long journey to the other side of the world :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

work, work, busy, busy, bang, bang!!

I know, I know, I've been away for quite a time.  It's silly season and I'm even busier than usual for this time of year as I'm helping my hubby to move from current business premises to a new store.  What a time to do it hey?  So I've spent the past few days scraping paint off shop windows and putting more paint on walls.  Somehow I will find the time to organize Christmas.  Thank goodness I made the Christmas pud, cake and mincemeat in November.

Thankfully it's not all been all work and no play.  Here's a peek at some rabbit slippers I'm making - here they are in ginormous mode.  They look much better after 2 goes in the washing machine, but I will have to save finished product pics for after Christmas Day as they're a pressie for my sis.

I've also made some gorgeous plushies for my niece and nephews.  As they are not yet fans of my blog I feel I can safely post pics here :)  The pattern is called 'Acute' from Melly and Me, and it's fairly easy to make, apart from those antennae!  Follow the tip about fray stop - I used Mod Podge for fabric and it definitely stopped a lot of frayed fabric and tempers!

I really enjoyed the embroidery, and added the felt hearts for lots of love from Aunty Lara!  The tummies are made from some fabric I used to make pjs for the kids last Christmas.

There's also been a lot of thinking going on, and I have plans for my blog.  Time for a new look I think, but all that creative stuff will have to wait for New Year.  How are your Christmas preparations going?