Monday, March 30, 2015

Hitting the trail

It is the end of the weekend - and the start of a new week.

And I have an announcement to make!  I am doing a 100km walk this year and no flu this time is going to take me out!  It's the Oxfam Trail Walker in Perth and you enter in teams of 4.  I am now part of a team of very fit women, so I will have to train with a vengence this time round.  It is a charity event,  and I am going to match the donations I was given for my aborted Isle of Wight 100 k walk by very lovely people who did not let me pay them back.  So this walk is for them and all the people Oxfam help.

I so wanted to complete the Island coastal walk as it's one of my favourite places in the world, but as the beautiful hills around Perth are a very close second I'm not too disappointed!

Now I will have to find a widget with a countdown ...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thanks very much ...

Thought I would do a wee gratitude list today as we're all feeling a tad poorly and our spirits need lifting!  I woke up with what I thought was a hormonal headache, but as Duncan told me he had similar symptoms we concluded we had a bug.  He's a decent chap but not quite up to getting sympathy headaches ;)

So what am I grateful for today?

The beautiful cool autumn weather we are having at the moment.  Bliss ...

HB and Little Man enjoying each others company very muchly, as they look after each other and get used to number one son not being around so much.

Having fish fingers and chips in the freezer when we couldn't decide what to have for tea and felt too poorly to cook from fresh.

My robot infuser (a birthday present from Little Man and perfect for making Earl Grey tea for one!)

My gorgeously comfy to which I am going to retire as soon as I have finished this.

Night night!  XXX

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Trying something new

Life has been hectic and I have let a lot of things slip, not just my blogging.  I've not even been creating that much, just doing my chores, seeing lots of people and eventually wearing myself out!  Then I read a blog last night whose author said she is only going to blog once a week, on the same evening each week, as she is so busy; she also said she was telling her readers what to expect so there were no surprises.  I thought this was a pretty good idea and began thinking about when my ideal blogging day would be to make sure I get it done.  So I have decided to give it a go at the weekends for now.  My excuse for not blogging before was that I'm too tired from work but as I have the weekends free it would seem sensible to try then.  And here we are.
At the moment I am determined to finish some projects before moving onto new ones - I'm just amazed at how many works in progress I have lying around!  This is one that's been in the making for several years - back when I was doing my 'granny a day' which if I'm not mistaken was back in 2009!  Bit of a shocker when you can put dates on projects :)