Monday, May 4, 2009

Quiet Monday

To be honest I've been a bit off focus for the past few days because of some health issues - hormones - say no more. I'm being sent off for a few tests and am now feeling relieved to be taking some action, rather than sitting there imagining no end of awful scenarios. And yes, mum, I promise not to read any more medical manuals to try and work out what is wrong all by myself. :)

Today has been spent cutting out the 400 hexagons I drew yesterday. I like taking care to get the shapes perfect and piling them up into neat mountains on the arm of the sofa. It must mean something, probably not good, that I'm as fastidious as I am with a very boring and repetitive job!

I've also had a bit of a breakthrough with my guardian doll for the healing medicine doll course with Barb Kobe. I had a creative block for some reason, and it all fell away when I thought of a name for my doll. Can't wait to get her finished now, but I'd better start making her first before I get excited about that! I'll post pictures as the process happens.

So there you have it, a quietly meditative day for me, creating in a very understated way, but still taking steps forward. Enjoy the photo of the 'tiki' - it's from a monument on One Tree Hill in Auckland. I love the no-nonsense attitude it conveys.

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