Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to me :)

A selection of my birthday gifties - and yes that is a krispy kreme donut - HB said she had enough money to buy me one.  Excuse the scratches on my feet - I picked a fight with some rose bush clippings when going out to the car.  They won.

Crikey - 46 years old today!  I was thinking I'd have a very quiet day, I didn't really want to think about my first birthday without Dad; however my friends (and family too xx) guessed and looked after me so well I feel honoured to know such gorgeous and special people.  It all started yesterday at my little crafty meetup with 3 dear friends for tea and cake and carried on today with coffee and cake at the patisserie, followed by a high tea and colouring in session in my friend's studio, finishing with a special meal and choccie cake at another friends house - and they had something nobody else did - baby ducks!  The most divine little creatures ever - one nestled in my hands and nearly fell asleep until cold pasta was brought out.  I need some ducks! But I think I will simply visit theirs ... much easier and a lot less poo to clean up!  :)

The kids made my heart smile most though.  HB who'd had to leave the house before 6 this morning to volunteer at uni (she knows I don't get up for anything before 7 at weekends, even presents) phoned me at a more respectable time of the morning to wish me happy birthday.  Then surprised me with a new bottle of perfectly purple nail polish on returning home, to replace my favourite shade shattered in the kitchen floor at Christmas (no names mentioned).  Youngest man split an A4 sheet into vouchers for making me cups of tea, and by the expiry date wrote, 'if I get plenty of hugs there is no expiry date', and eldest boy gifted me a book on kombi campers, as he knows my secret dreams of having a mobile studio in one!

I really do love that purple nail polish!
So it didn't feel too harsh being on the downward slippery slope towards 50 :)  In fact I felt very blessed to be so loved.  It's a cliche I know, but that's the best gift.  xxxx  Thanks to everyone who made my day so special, you know who you are ...