Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtober 31st - new beginnings and an end ...

Well, here we are at the end of Blogtoberfest.  What a ride!!

Today has been a day for saying goodbye to Cairns and my rellies and hello to our home and our dog Charlie, who was so excited to see us it made me quite emotional.  It would seem he's quite happy to see us as his family after being with us for a month, and that makes me happy too :)

The last week has been a wonderful time of saying hello to new franchisees in our network, seeing old friends we only get to meet up with at conference, and renewing friendships with family.  It has been so lovely to see my cousins after a break of over 4 years - all the children have grown up so much, but some things never change - like the two mums being able to sit and chat and have a laugh as if it's only been a break of 4 days.  Thank you my darlings for making it such a special visit! xxx

And with Blogtoberfest - making new friends in cyberspace, gaining new inspiration, an insight into other people's worlds.  I've really enjoyed being part of it, and whilst it's goodbye for this year, I can't wait to be a part of it in 2011.  I didn't do too badly - think I only missed one day due to having no modem availiable whilst travelling, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Thanks so much to Tinniegirl and Curlypops for making it happen - you are awesome! 

Blogtober 30th

Getting ready for our awards night.  We don't scrub up too badly!

Sorry it's actually the wrong way up but Blogger for some reason is rotating my picture and I've just got off the flight from Cairns and am too pooped to be able to work it out, and not feeling particularly patient.  Will have another go tomorrow. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Musings on mad going's on ...

Oops - forgot to blog yesterday - very busy with our business conference and head full of facts - some interesting and some too techy for me to get (anything apart from a headache that is!)

Today we had a 'team' day and spent the day on Green Island - the sea was like a bath.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I've never been lucky enough to see anything of the Great Barrier Reef before, and we only saw it from a glass bottomed boat today, but how spectacular.  Words can't describe it really.  I wish I could paint it, draw it, crochet coral shapes - it's just so, so inspiring!!

Apologies for a very sorry looking photo, but lighting conditions are bad here!  Simply wanted to show that like the mad, creativity obsessed woman that I am, I managed to pack away quite a few craft materials and am busily making myself a necklace.  It's very cute, not sure if it's right for our awards night tomorrow, which it was originally intended for, but I plan to finish it anyway and post a pic.

Poor HB was sick on the boat today, she missed all the team games (not that I think she was that bothered!).  Wrapped in her Mr Rental towel she sat on my lap for some comfort and murmured to me that she sometimes forgets how special it is to have a cuddle with mum (ah, made my heart flutter).  So there we sat on the boat home, snuggled up together whilst everyone around us talked about the days goings on.  It's funny isn't it, how even in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, we can sometimes find a quiet, precious space and experience comfort and peace.  (It was the best part of my day xxxx)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogtober 27th - back on track!

Here are some pics taken on our walk to Barron Falls yesterday - nature is a constant source of inspiration.

Mini sculpture of a praying mantis eating an insect
Unfurling fern
A vine striving to reach the canopy and the sun

Blogtober 26th

In what way are these two pictures related?

Going round the bend ...
Portrait of moi taken by HB xx
Yup – we’ve been sightseeing around the Atherton Tablelands. (You didn’t think it could be anything else did you?) What a gorgeous place, so lush and GREEN! We stopped off at Barron Falls and someone managed to get a nice photo of me, which is why it’s here – it doesn’t happen often!

25th Blogtober

(Written on 25th October but not posted as no internet access :( )

So, this is my little giveaway story ... are you sitting comfortably ...

My giveaway for this part of Blogtober fest was for one of my spirit dolls – due to find a new home and fly the nest I offered my readers a choice of doll. Well, on the first day I had two lovely comments from two people, and as the draw grew close to its end date without any further comments, I thought I would send both dolls on their merry way as each entrant had chosen a different doll. And it’s my blog and I can change the rules as I go along :)

Anyway, I had a third comment from another lovely lady and started to feel bad about changing the rules before the end of the giveaway!! The best way to solve my conscience I decided was to have a draw anyway and see what fate decided ...

And look ... the two names I picked out were the two names who had left their comments first! The lucky winners were Brighton Breezy and Caribou Crossing – please e-mail me your addresses so that I can mail out your prize! I feel it was definitely meant to be that my little dolls go out into the big wide world to the UK and Canada. And I’ve decided that as it is my blog and I can change the rules as I go along ;) I’m going to go shopping in Cairns tomorrow and find a tiny piece of Australiana to send to all 3 lovely ladies as a little added extra! So Felt Like Stitchin’ gets a little consolation prize too! Yay! BTW – pop over to Felt Like Stitchin’s blog to enter the giveaway to win a beautiful handmade pink fleecy scarf. I love this blog as it’s full of comforting images and projects that make me want to cuddle up in a nice warm blankie even as summer approaches!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kindling a post ...

we have no internet, but am sending this from my kindle! writing my posts in word and will post when i can get on the www. so blogtober still continues! catch up soon xxx

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Giveaway announcement delayed!

Hi - about to leave for the airport - so will have to postpone the giveaway announcement until tomorrow as there is a bit of a story with this one!  Nice for all concerned though :)

Speak to you in Cairns time next! xx

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bright and breezy cushion giveaway at Brighton Breezy's Pins and Needles blog!

Eeek - I must be feeling better.  Two posts in one day.  This one is kind of selfish and selfless - selfish in that I want as many chances to win a beautiful cushion as I can get, and selfless in that I'm sharing the link so that you can get a go too!  It's a fab blog, full of gorgeous creations and plenty of inspiration - go have a look!  :)

Catchy title don't you think?  :)

I love Create for Life ...

My favourite - tea - in a mug from my cafepress shop which arrived today.  I get the smilies just looking at this picture :) 

I made the quilt too xx

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Apologies for the break in service - blogger still feeling very sorry for herself :)  Going through a period of 'allowing' herself to get better in her own time, but getting mightily frustrated!  Needs a good talking to!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recovering in a circle of women

Here I am - now I know that the best blogs always have an image per post, but they also come from the heart and being brutally honest - I'm feeling so tired, so will simply share some thoughts and another quote xx

Yesterday on the ward before my op, I looked around at my fellow patients and got to thinking about being a woman.  I was the token 'middle-aged' woman, there was also an elderly lady and a couple of younger girls in their teens/early twenties.  But, despite our differing ages, we were all there for healing and care, and I wondered what stories we would all have to share.  What stories could the nurses share with us too?  I'm fascinated by the concept that we are all linked by our common human experiences - which made me remember and look for this quote I want to share with you:


"A circle of women brings opportunities for personal and planetary healing.  Here we can discover more about ourselves as women as we see aspects of the Feminine reflected back by our sisters, and learn from the wisdom of their life experiences.  Here we can create a support network for our journey of Women's Spirituality as we rediscover and learn to revere our connection with Nature, the Earth and the wild.  Through such a circle we can become aware of another potential model for society."  (taken from the Moon Diary 2009)


That's why I'm loving being part of Blogtoberfest - it's like being part of a global circle of women - brilliant, creative, passionate women - all sharing our journey.  Exciting hey?  For more links to awesome blogs pop over to Tinniegirl - and join the circle!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiny post and a quote

Today's the day - thought I'd do a tiny post now as I'll probably be too sleepy tonight!  So in keeping with being upbeat thought I'd post my favourite quote of all time:

"Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all."  - Helen Keller

Thanks for the well wishes that have been coming in xxxx

Back tomorrow bright and bouncy!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Too nervous to think of a title ...

Well, this morning I had a great idea for a post, but as the day has worn on and it's getting nearer to my hospital visit for a laparoscopy I have to admit I've forgotten what it was.  So, I'll share a picture of a paper doll I made for a medicine doll course I did last year with Barb Kobe.  It was supposed to express what 'wounds' I wanted to heal, but it seems fitting as I prepare to go 'under the knife'!

The doll is made from handmade paper, collage papers I made myself, for example with the flaming hair and my intentions for healing were written on the back of the doll.

I just hope they use better tools tomorrow!! xx

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogtoberfest Giveaway No.2

I've had these spirit dolls for a little while now, but I feel it's time for one of them to fly the nest and bring joy to another creative soul.  They are 100% handmade and designed by me, a calico doll painted with acrylic paints and then embellished!  The 'Love-ly' doll has a small rose quartz crystal sewn inside her, and the 'Tree of Life' doll has some amethyst and rose quartz beads strewn around her neck as well as a tree painted on her back.

Which one will you choose?  'Lovel-ly' on the left or the gorgeous green 'Tree of Life'

Back detail

Soooo, the giveaway task this time is to leave a comment on this post, telling me which doll you would like to win and what draws you to her.  As always with my giveaways if you leave a comment AND become or are already a follower you get 2 chances in the draw.  Good luck!

(The doll that doesn't win gets to stay with me for a while longer and may be given away as part of my lovely Xciting Xmas draw - stay tuned xxx)

And the winner of my giveaway is ...

Drawn today by my little man:

Felt like Stitchin - check out her awesome blog!

Please e-mail me with an address for posting to!

I'll post about my next giveaway later tonight, when the kids have gone to bed xxx

Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you go down to the woods today ...

As I was walking through the woods today I got to thinking about how much I'm enjoying going for my walks with Charlie dog, especially being so blessed to live in such a wonderful, vibrant, natural setting.

Then I realized it's also reminiscent of a place I used to visit when I was little; my dad would sometimes take me to Alderley Edge (northern England) to walk our dog.  I loved that place, it was so full of mystery and magic, fuelled  in some part I am sure by my love for the Alan Garner books I would read and re-read.  Even the sound of the first book I devoured was magical - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.  Using the excuse of having children who liked fantasy literature I bought all the Alan Garner books I could find and have them sitting on the bookshelf for when I want to return to the underhill where all the knights are sleeping, ready to return to save humankind. 

I feel that same sense of wonderment when I'm walking in our woods and I feel happy that I can spend my time here.   Where's your magical place?

And for info - my picture is drawn on pastel paper using water soluble oil pastels - they smudge really nicely, and the white pastel adds enough light to give the picture life.  Inspired by my walks in the wood. xxx

Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple gratitude ...

Saw my lovely fat paintbrush and amethyst paint and felt compelled to paint a spiral and came up with my gratitude wheel:

Creativity doesn't have to be complicated :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't be afraid to experiment ...

I'm sure I've said before that I've got a lovely new camera, but that I've been rather nervous about learning to use it.  In fact it was my birthday present way back in February, but I didn't really start to use it properly until we went on holiday in September and now I can't stop!

Now how did these gorgeous flowers go un-noticed?  They seemed to have arrived in our garden by magic!  There were so many of these lovely white irises/lillies? that I wanted to share them with you, so rushed off to get my camera.  I still don't know how to get photos to come out right in night-time shots but had a go anyway - obviously I got the settings totally wrong in the first shot - but it turned out to be very interesting visually anyway.

Then I fiddled about with the settings for a few moments and came up with the second shot, which is heading in the right direction.  Unfortunately, the battery power ran out before I could carry on experimenting but at least I know I'm on the right path and so I'll keep on going! 

And it's like that for creativity as well.  Don't wait to paint that picture or open that box of pastels until you're 'good enough'.  Have a go anyway!  You might create something totally unexpected - most of all it gives you the inspiration to go on when you realize what you can do now and what you can go on to create if you keep going.  It's never too late to make a start - start now!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self-Portrait Day!

With some of my spirit dolls in our sunny courtyard - my favourite spot for sitting and waiting for inspiration to hit!

And just for fun: a couple of collages I made for my creativity classes -

Visit Tinniegirl for most gorgeous portraits!  Hope you're having fun this Blogtoberfest!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creating Memories

I always try to make my posts reflect some kind of creativity - not always the traditional creativity we think of as art, crafts, cooking etc.  I believe we are all creative in a myriad of ways.

Today's post is about creating memories in the way that objects can remind us of a time, person or place that helps our mind meander along the lanes of our memory, hopefully bringing a smile to our face, reminding ourselves why that time, person or place is special to us. 

On my walks at the moment I'm seeing lots of fringe lilies, which I love because of their delicate fringing, better than the finest lace shawls, because they are purple (yay) but also because they remind me of my mum who visited last year at about this time when the fringe lilies are out.  Last year I was so relieved to find one after days of looking and not finding, with mum's visit counting down quickly.  She was most impressed - who couldn't be - and now one of my favourite flowers is extra special because of the memories it creates. 

If you're looking at blogs as part of Blogtoberfest, go check Virtu - each Tuesday is a remembering day - looking at things that remind her of friends and special people.  It's an ace blog!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Untitled ...

Ah well, last day of the holidays.  Feeling split in two about it - will miss the kids when they are back, it will be so quiet in the house and as they get older I appreciate all the time I get with them and the fact they don't mind spending it with me!  Did the required shoe shop in Midland; by the time we left Target I was having a mini meltdown from all the stress!  This is a time when I think I will relish some time on my own.  Life - full of contradictions hey?

So, I am off to do my monthly bookkeeping data entry, and boy am I so excited.  It's my favourite job in the whole world (not).  But - I am keeping myself going by promising myself some time to check out some more blogs and giveaways in the Blogtoberfest tomorrow in some quiet time - it's getting quite addictive!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogtober 10th

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their comments and following of my blog these past few days - it's made me smile lots!  I have tried to comment back but somehow got into a muddle and ended up becoming a follower of my own blog when trying to message someone else!  So I'm going to wait until Tuesday when everyone goes back to school to try again.  It's going to need every brain cell working so that I can concentrate and get the job done properly!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Tinniegirl and Curly Pop who are the two main organizers of Blogtoberfest - pop over to their awesome blogs and get some inspiration as well as links to other fantastic bloggers and giveaways.

For my creativity segment today I'd like to share a pic of nature in its creative process - I saw this beautiful banksia yesterday with older leaves topped by some pale and tender young leaves. 

I'm always amazed at how effortlessly and quietly nature carries on working right under our noses!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I took my camera out with me today to practise shots in the sunny weather - I am still learning and loving my camera and gaining in confidence every time I use it.  So we took it to my favourite place in Perth on our walkies with Charlie boy.  Here it is:

My most favourite place
You know I told you the other day about our dog swimming for the first time, well here he is having another go.  He's getting quite good now - the other day he wobbled from side to side and looked a bit panicky!

Look at him go!
Yesterday was not a good day for Charlie.  He ran across the road twice and almost ran away with a Great Dane when we went for a walk in the woods (she was very pretty ...)  Today I was reminded why I do actually love him as the newest member of our family - this is just too cute:

Aww ....
So he's been forgiven all his pushing of boundaries.  I'm a sucker for those big puppy eyes!  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Silver linings ...

It's been one of those days when at times I've wondered why on earth I even got up.

BUT - there are always silver linings!  Firstly all the lovely comments I've received about my giveaway - I will reply personally but I want to thank you all here too and wish you all the best of luck in the draw.

Then, a little thing but it made me smile - the potatoes I found today when shopping (my least favourite job next to ironing).  Now, they're called 'Royal Blue' - but we can all see they're PURPLE!!

And ... lastly ... the final comment I had on my previous post today - "nice floor" - from my husband, who a year later after installation is still very impressed with it.  And I thought it was another lovely blogger!  Until I saw the grin on his face as I read it out loud :)

One last thing - grass trees - I love 'em - they make me happy too.
A little bit of colour makes the world a happier place!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogtoberfest Giveaway!!

Yay - another giveaway.  This time it's a beautiful buttercup bag made by myself from a pattern by the talented 'Made by Rae' - check out her website for crafty inspiration and patterns.

It has a pink lining, inner pocket and magnetic snap fastening

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post for 1 entry - for 2 entries into the draw all you need to do is become a follower.  Easy as that.  I'm planning to have another giveaway before the end of the Blogtoberfest, so keep watching this space ...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogtoberfest Rocks!

I've got square eyes from looking at people's blogs and entering giveaways.  But you need to take a look - what awesomely creative people there are out there in the world!!  Fantastic, inspirational, unique - go and have a look - really, really - go on - now!  :)

Blogtober 6th

Phew - it's felt like a Chinese laundry here today!  I've been folding, putting away, washing and hanging out clothes for what seemed like hours!  Now I've got to do some ironing.  The  fun never stops :)

Decided I deserved a break and sat down for a while to do some crochet.  These squares are for an afghan as part of the 'Granny a Day Challenge'.  I'm still doing the challenge although at the moment it's more like '3 grannies some days and zero for another day challenge' which doesn't have the same ring to it.

I'm having another giveaway as part of the Blogtoberfest-ivities.  Two in fact.  I'll tell you about the first one tomorrow, so you'll have to come back if you want to see what it is!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Blogtober - a late entry - and a typo!

I had decided to blog everyday in October, but wasn't going to tell anybody in cyberspace so if I didn't achieve it I wouldn't feel too bad.  But, I've joined 'Blogtober 2010' instead, so now everyone in the whole world potentially could know and now I'm going to be made accountable to sticking to my plan.  Which is all for the good really.

So there I am on the Blogtober site, looking at the fab button which I will have to install tomorrow, and I sign up on the correct page and just as I press the submit button, in that final nano second I see that I've actually listed myself as 'Creat for Life!'.  Duh!  Now I have to pretend that I'm being creative with the spelling of CREATE or else admit that I was outside in the dark, typing and not concentrating as much I could have been. Ooops.  Good job creativity embraces imperfection.  I love imperfection!

Monday, October 4, 2010

September Sewing Challenge

With all the hard work for the roadside collection I've forgotten to post a pic of my completed September sewing challenge.  But here it is at last ...

Like many other people, when I get a free gift with a magazine, I put it away fully intending to 'make it later', but somehow it never happens - but now I've broken the habit of a lifetime.  I got this kit which included the dotty fabric and handles in a magazine earlier this year.  I didn't really like the design of bag they suggested, so I made up my own!  I love red, white and blue together, and decided to make varying sized yo-yo's to embellish the bag in this colour scheme.  Now  I have a unique and crafty bag to take out my crochet with me.  Fantabulous!

It's October and time for another sewing challenge - this month we're to visit a thrift store and search for treasures to revamp.  Look what my $12.50 bought for me:

I'm going to use the shirts to make a pretty summer top as seen on the blog My Gramma Said and I'm going to make the sleeves shorter, add some other bits and bobs to the white blouse and add some embellishment to the pink stripey hooded top (Billabong no less!) for my daughter.  No idea what I'll do with the flowery pillowcase, I just liked the pattern and it only cost 50c.  Should have some fun - wonder how much I will get finished? :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Wow, what a day!  Busy, busy, busy weeding the garden as it's the roadside collection this week, and I've been keen to clear the steps at the front of the house, so that we can actually see the house from the street!

Being so busy and focussed means I haven't been that creative this past week, therefore I've gone back in time to show you some pics I took on holiday in Malaysia.  Whilst in Penang we visited a butterfly farm - I used butterflies a lot in my art, I love it that they are a symbol of transformation and I just HAD to visit a place inundated with thousands of these beautiful flying creatures. 

Action shot of fluttering wings

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woah ...

Waking.  Walking.  Weeding.  Walking. Whew, whacked.

Sleep :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

What we did this morning ...

Another lovely spring day, walking in the bush with my favourite people and our new hound dog - who went for his first swim today!  He had a good audience, lots of cheering, clapping and shouts of well done, whilst he swam around wondering why his feet weren't touching the ground!

We've wanted a dog for a while now, and since my discovery that I need to get off my lazy bottom and do some exercise or else risk sludging up my gall bladder more than it is, he's arrived at the perfect time.  I no longer have an excuse not to get up and move more!  As he's part border collie he'll always need a good walk each day; I'm loving it really - it's a good way to connect with my family as well as a perfect opportunity for musing and inspiration when I'm out on my own with him.  Hope he enjoys living with our eccentric family ...

Oh, and my September sewing challenge has slightly overlapped with October :)  This (last) month's challenge was a bag, so it was difficult from the outset as I have so many bags I want to make - I LOVE bags!  Will post photos tomorrow.