Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creative Overload? Never!

Today was the opposite of yesterday! Then I was sitting and calmly cutting and piling up my hexagons - today I couldn't stop creating! As you can see from the photo above I've been painting some of my spirit dolls, getting them ready to sell in my Etsy store. I love the purple and orange smaller dolls, but there's more work to be done on the green doll. It's funny how our tastes are though, because my husband came in from work, and said 'hey, I like that doll'. They're just not my usual colours I work with that's all, but it's good to break out of my colour comfort zone, and not everyone is going to like orange and purple as much as me! I also painted another part of the larger canvas I shared with you a few weeks ago, and designed a bag that I will be able to produce quickly and then paint, again to sell on Etsy.

After this flurry of activity I made kumara (sweet potato) soup, and a lovely scrummy lemon meringue pie. I feel tired now! But that comforting sort of tired you get when you've worked/studied hard and feel you've had a good result!

Nearly forgot to mention having time to muck about and take photos of myself wearing my NZ necklace I bought in Raglan. Then editing them to give more attention to the necklace rather than the laughter lines on my face!! Quite a good arty photo though, and I like my smile! I was trying not to laugh a lot of the time, because my sister takes photos like this and we always end up with huge heads, or candid shots of our nostrils!

Now I'm going to sit down and watch an old episode of the UK series 'Teachers', whilst trying to needlefelt some heart shapes for an idea I've had about my creativity class on Thursday. I suppose you could call it work, but I love it so much ... I'll post the results tomorrow if it works. Hey I'll even post it if it goes terribly wrong, it's good to have a laugh!

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