Thursday, May 14, 2009

Change of plan ...

Violette wrote a post recently about looking at your failures, then looking again to see the lesson within the failure. Well, today I think I had one of those days! No-one turned up to my creativity lesson today! Now usually I would probably go home and sit there wondering what on earth I'd done wrong, but today I sat with Linda (she owns the studio where the lessons take place) and we sat and talked about art dreams, ate the muffins I'd cooked for class, did a visualization and some artwork together. It was lovely to sit and create with someone who's on a similar journey, it's very encouraging.

So the picture above is my image of how the dream will manifest - Creative Seeds being at the centre, the tendrils reaching out are people we influence directly through Linda's art therapy and my art workshops, and the little curls off are other people learning about their experiences and spreading the word that the studio is the place to be, and that art can lead to healing. I feel so much more positive after putting the image on paper.
Art really does heal!