Saturday, July 7, 2012

THE dress ...

This dress nearly broke me!  I finished it half an hour before HB had to leave for her big night.  But she trusted me to get it finished for her as I'd told her I would have it finished on time.  Bless her.  I even had her big brother involved, trimming off all the little frayed threads of chiffon hanging down below the hem.   It's taken me this long since the last post to be able to write about it!

For those who like to know such things, this dress deserves it's plus difficile/advanced rating, as it is a challenge - but what a feeling of achievement.  It's a Vogue pattern, number V2880.

It did look gorgeous when finished though.

Side ribbon detail
But even better than perfect when worn by my gorgeous girl ...

HB has said she wants me to make her wedding dress one day - it's not going to be chiffon and satin - simply gorgeous polycotton :)