Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiring artists

As a prelude to my interview with Violette on Wednesday, I wanted to show you a couple of pictures inspired by her art activities she posts on her blog for anyone to try. The pink canvas is celebrating the year I took part in the WA art festival 'Artopia' (alas, it is no more ...) and the yellow canvas is one I created at my classes last year. The common theme is the little half sphere in the corner which I made everyone incorporate in some manner into their artwork! Violette called her work "I'm going to Pluto ..." which I thought was awesome. The sphere in my Artopia picture is all my arty ideas floating in the ethereal realms waiting to be fully realized. All good fun - check out the website if you feel inspired, and look under the 'art tips' link on the menu.

It's funny what little things make you happy. Today I saw in my 'blog following' window that Dooflinky Dolls had written a post after an absence of a few months. I went straight to her site to check out what creation she was writing about. This site is about dolls made from felting and the work is just so lovely, I wish I could felt like that! It really is worth a look; I love the way 'Dooflinky' is so honest and all her work is from the heart. Genuine creativity, beautiful. It was lovely to hear from her again in the blogosphere!

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