Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In knots!

This is the detail of the Celtic knots I'm painting on a big canvas which I did post about some weeks ago now. It's not my usual colours so I came a bit unstuck and out of my comfort zone, so I left the picture standing against the wall where I could see it until inspiration hit. In the end it wasn't inspiration but necessity that made me put the canvas up on my easel and begin painting again - the canvas has been standing at the top of a small set of steps, and unbeknownst to me somebody had been running up said steps and using the canvas as a braking board! Therefore, I've decided I'd better finish the picture and get it up on the wall where it will be safe ...

It was really hard to know what to tackle first, but when I found a tube of gold oxide my dilemma was over! Orange is one of my favourite colours to paint with, consequently I felt at ease to paint, and the colour goes well with the brown earth colour that it blends into on the Celtic knot ribbons. The paints I'm using are Jo Sonja's artist's colours. It's a slow process but I haven't given up - the finished piece will eventually be shown here!

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