Monday, December 15, 2008

Salad greens - and reds!

OK, you may be wondering why on earth I've taken a picture of the salad we had for dinner tonight, even my husband asked if I was running out of ideas. Far from it! The main aim of my blog is to encourage people to be creative and to make them realize we are all creative on a daily basis, not just necessarily in an art or crafty way. Tonight as I was cutting up the salad veg and pulling apart another pomegranate I was struck by how vivid the colours were, and how a meal that is seemingly thrown together can look quite stunning in its simplicity. The colours here are beautiful and all totally natural. A salad created by me, and appreciated by my fans (hungry family!) I also think the salad goes well with the orange tones of my kitchen chair.

Today has been another uncomfortable day in the heat. My poor husband and children got stuck out in the 40 degree sunny weather yesterday when the car broke down! Luckily they were able to start it and make their way home, thankfully all in one piece. We've never been so thankful for air conditioning. I can't believe with this weather that Christmas is just around the corner, coming from the UK I'm used to cold, cold, cold and it being dark at 4 pm. We've been out here for a few years now, and it's still taking a lot of getting used to!

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