Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Inspired by a flower

Here are some beautiful bourgainvillea flowers which are growing on our fence in the backyard. I love them because they look so delicate as if they're made from tissue paper, and these particular ones are two colours on the same flower - pink and orange, which I think go stunningly with the green leaves. Yummy. Although they're delicate in appearance they actually have long, very pointy thorns hidden amongst the leaves. Like us mere mortals perhaps?

Today I'm finding that life is taking over a bit again, so creativity is not in full swing. But I do find looking at something in nature, such as the flowers above soothes my soul to some extent. I was talking to someone today about homesickness, and sometimes I feel it so strongly it makes my heart ache. That's the subject of my painting that just has to get onto canvas pretty soon, or I think my heart will burst! I do love Australia and enjoyed my time in New Zealand, but the simple fact is that the UK is still my spiritual home. So sometimes it makes me feel sad, but the wonderful John O'Donohoe believes that longing makes us feel alive. He's right, but if only it wasn't so sad! I also upset a friend today with something I said, and I feel bad about that (that's the 'thorn' - see comment above!). Why can't we always think before we form words? Part of being human I suppose, and the thing about true friends is that they love you in spite of yourself. Good job too!

I will keep myself busy with chores around the house, and doing all my last minute Christmassy stuff. Another friend a long time ago told me that during our more stressful times we have to take life one day at a time. Good advice it seems to me.

On the subject of one day at a time, I don't know if I've already said this, but I'm committing to writing my blog every day in December, so I can get to day 70 by the end of 2008 - a milestone to aim for! If I have mentioned it before then now I'm doubly committed and have no reason to renege on the deal. Onwards and upwards, 'til next time ...

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