Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festive Greetings

Or maybe it should be 'Festive Grrrrr-eetings' after the evening I'm having. I am again questioning my sanity on making a kimono for a present three days before Christmas Day. Stress levels have been high! The fabric is delightful but extra slippery and the threads on my overlocker keep breaking - I am not a happy bunny! Still, we seem to be over the hill and down the other side, there's not much left to do, and I may get to bed before midnight. Thought I would take a break and write a post. Then I got into a muddle with the photo and started to stress again. I'm OK now though - success is sweet!

This is a Christmas wreath I made last year and had forgotten about until I unpacked it again this year - it was a lovely surprise! It's made from a wicker circlet covered in torn fabric strips that are simply knotted around the circle. It's that simple. Add some Christmas bells for a real festive feel and voila, you have a very splendid looking wreath to adorn your front door! I did find it was a bit heavy for the drawing pin I'd tried to press into the wood. My son rescued the wreath for me and brought it indoors; one of it's bells had fallen off and it was looking a bit sad. Ever the one to go OTT in repairs I decided to hammer in a tack - the door is Jarrah, a gorgeous red hard wood from Australia, and I think the tack is in there until Doomsday. I will have to think of some other arty things to make to hang on the door for the rest of the year - seems silly to have a tack there and not use it! ...

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