Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Angel

This is what I really wanted to blog about yesterday, but couldn't work out how to get the picture rotated and cropped as it was late, and I was too hot and getting very frustrated. However, the weather has been decidedly cooler today, it's even rained heavily and my brain is no longer over heating. I'm quite pleased with myself actually because I managed to work out how to edit photos in our Kodak program, and the result looks good if I say so myself. The picture looked a bit messy with the frame and a brick wall showing as background, and I wanted to concentrate on the painting. All this learning for my blogging is really exercising the brain muscles which can only be good in the long run!

As the title suggests, this painting is called 'My Angel' and is taken from a gorgeous photo of my daughter. She was actually cuddling a toy, but we both decided it would be better to have an angel holding a baby or small animal, which is why I've chosen the generic shape shown. I really like the feathery effect of the wings, which could easily be cushions in the chair she's sitting in. I chose purple because it's one of my favourite colours and it's also a very spiritual colour; I wanted to give the picture that 'other worldly' feel. It's worked in acrylics on canvas.

I must be thinking about angels more than usual because it's so near to Christmas. I believe angels come in all forms, from the voice of conscience that speaks to you, to someone who smiles at you when you're feeling wretched, or someone who you don't know comes to your aid and you never see them again. Random acts of kindness score highly on the angelic scale too - my children make me believe in angels when they fetch a tissue if I'm upset or make me breakfast in bed just to cheer me up. What makes these acts of kindness so angelic is that they are done out of love and no wish for personal gain. Thank you to all the angels out there - please don't give up on us!

Think I may possibly have one or two more angel posts in mind before Christmas is over ...

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