Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pomegranate treasure!

Have just enjoyed a glass or two of red, and now ready to post! Red is the colour for today judging by the photo! Actually, I did take another of the result of us digging for pomegranate treasure, but for some reason it keeps appearing the wrong way up, which is fine if you have had a few wines, but not so good if you're totally sober so I've left it out. Shame. Anyway, I just had to take a picture of this pomegranate because the colour is so vivid. Pomegranates bring me back to images of my childhood, when my mum taught me to eat them by picking out the seeds one by one with a pin. Took forever to eat! So today I looked at the web to see if there were any tips on how to eat a pomegranate and of course there are! However, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore the beautifully produced picture show, and just cut one in half and dug all the seeds out with a spoon. My son and I sat there happily for over an hour picking out seeds and showering ourselves with delicious red juice. They are just so yummy.

It's been a very creative day, but not arty creativity. I've made two Christmas puddings, and a flag for the dark knight of the family to go with the sword I blogged about last week, as well as introducing my children to the magic of eating pomegranates. Creativity comes in many forms! A very productive day I would say.

Oh bother, have decided to include the photo anyway, the colour is just so intoxicating, just pretend it's the wrong way up for artful reasons. The funny thing is it keeps changing orientation every time I try to upload, just never comes the right way up. Tant pis!! (never mind!)

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