Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Here is a sneak peek into my inner sanctum!! Aha! It's my wee tiny studio space, tucked away in a corner of the kids' games room, my trusty, very old sewing machine in the background. This corner must exude sacred vibes or something because my children don't go near it, bless them.

Anyway, here is the torso blank canvas I was telling you about yesterday, it's being painted with gesso to give me a lovely white surface to paint on. I received a lovely comment on yesterday's post which has encouraged me to get this project finished in double quick time. It's dedicated to all my sisters in creativity!

I think I've mentioned I'm doing a healing medicine doll on-line course, and I'm also part of the 100 art dolls challenge. Today I've been thinking of 4 dolls to create, my mind seems to be running overtime, and must be finding the dolls very inspiring! I will give you the links to the doll course and the 100 dolls challenge in tomorrow's post, it's just that I've got to be fairly quick tonight because the family are waiting for me to celebrate New Year's Eve with them, but they know if I don't write my blog today I'll be a bad mood, so they are being lovely and giving me space to write.

All that's left for me to say is a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, let 2009 be a year where you follow your dreams, and even if you feel the fear, simply feel the fear and do it anyway! Will be back in 2009, with the links as promised - if I forget someone has to leave a comment and remind me! Best wishes ...

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Anonymous said...

Hey I was skipping thru the blogs and happened to see yours. Where did you get that little paper mache torso? Also I like your page. Very creative pieces. Be sure to check back on my page some time because I am going to be posting my art