Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rural Inspiration!

It's been another hot day; we cooled down with friends and the rest of Perth at Lake Leschenaultia - even the name sounds poetic, like waves lapping onto the shore! As we were driving out there (it takes about 30 mins from where we are in the Hills) I looked at the scorched trees and parched land and thought how lonely it felt. The countryside here is very primal, it's almost as if man has been here all but a minute and at any time it could revert back to its natural state. I feel that the countryside in the UK is more nurturing, almost as if it could wrap you in its arms and envelop you in comfort. (Maybe not in the cold and frost at this time of year though!) I'm blessed to have lived in both places and experienced both extremes. Lots of inspiration for my paintings and art.

Made up for no pictures yesterday! The top two are taken by the Lake - I was impressed by the blue sky, it was just so blue! The third picture is one that was inspired by a walk into our village - I could imagine fairy folk peering at me from between the gum leaves, and this is the result of my fanciful imagination ...

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