Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Imperfect is Perfect!

A couple of days ago Violette wrote in her blog about her experience of being taught jewellery making. The teacher wanted to teach her the 'right' way of making jewellery, whereas Violette just wanted to know how to make jewellery for her artworks and if they weren't perfect it didn't matter. These two different points of view lead to some tension! So in support of lovely 'imperfect' jewellery I'm posting a picture of a bracelet I made last year, from some wire and glass beads. All you do is twist 3 fairly long lengths of jewellery wire together, thread some beads on in a haphazard manner and twist as you go for a spider web effect. The candle is there as a colourful prop! I must say I don't actually wear this bracelet a lot, I put in on the side so I can look at it and admire the different beads, it's rather soothing, must be the calming colours of green and yellow!

I took the photo on the steps in our back yard, I liked the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the peach tree. When I walk through archways of trees and the dappled effect of shadows and sunlight, it makes me feel like I'm in the presence of the Divine ...

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