Monday, December 1, 2008

Pinch, punch, it's the first of the month

Firstly, where did that saying come from? The house was full of excitement tonight as we freed the Christmas tree from its 'prison' and festooned it with baubles, lights and tinsel. There always seems to be more tinsel on the floor than on the tree when we've finished though. It's our little joint act of creativity. You can tell the children are growing up - they actually asked if we could put less on the tree, and agreed to one colour of tinsel. In previous years every decoration we owned would be put lovingly on the branches, this year we've gone for the 'less is more' look.

I started 'that' painting last night. Won't have time to do any today, but I'm hoping to set aside an hour to finish it tomorrow. It won't be technically stunning, but it's more of an art therapy piece, it just needs to get out onto the canvas. I was talking to my daughter about it today and asking her advice on the proportions of the face. It's great to have a fellow artist in the house with whom I can swap ideas and tips.

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