Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One more sleep 'til Christmas!

I finished the kimono! And it looks fantastic, the photo doesn't do it justice - doesn't help that I took it at night-time with no real lights on, but just had to supply evidence that it's all finished! My bed was the only place I could lay it out so that it wouldn't be stood on by children.

We did intend to spend today doing the last minute chores I had marked down on my whiteboard, but some friends invited us across for a cuppa, we took a bottle of wine and we ended up having a spontaneous party with just the 4 of us. What was going to be a 20 minute break before both of us resumed housework turned into a 5 hour catch up. It was much more preferable to cleaning the kitchen floor! I think we all get so concerned with jobs that 'need' doing that we forget to take time out to connect with people. Christmas is a good time to do that, and I'm glad that we ended up chatting to friends rather than being cooped up in the house tidying.

I also got the chance to look at some more arts and crafts - I am surrounded by arty people here in the Hills. My friend and I are intending to start an art group of our own in the New Year, so as well as conversation and wine, we made plans for 2009 - a valuable afternoon and very enjoyable (unlike housework - I have a fridge magnet that says "housework won't kill you: but why take the risk.")

Oh well, a mountain of presents to wrap then our last sleep before the big day. Happy Christmas to one and all!


Lisa said...

Yay for visiting friends instead of cleaning floors. I agree that it's way better. Have a great holiday!

Lisa said...

Ooooh I forgot to tell you that I love the kimono. It's great!