Monday, December 22, 2008

5-second challenge!!

Forget the 5-minute challenge I talked about a couple of days ago, this is more like the 5-second challenge! This little fellow is a 'chad'. I think it must be a British thing, as when I ask anyone over here if they've heard of one, they look at me as if I've been in the sun too long! Anyway ... it is a remnant from my youth, and would be drawn with any question not being too silly to add to the wall - I remember drawing them mainly in physics lessons which I didn't quite understand.

The question today was driven by me running around like a mad woman trying to finish all sorts of tasks before Christmas Day. Why do we do this every year, and not learn?? Today I've been making a kimono for someone's Christmas present. It looks absolutely gorgeous and when it's finished I'll be posting a picture on here - but why oh why didn't I start this weeks ago? I've also had to do a bit more shopping and done the usual mum things. However, I did find a few minutes to finish a book I've been reading since seeing a film based on it - it's Graham Greene's 'The End of the Affair' and I've really enjoyed it. The part that I have been fascinated with is that God is pervasive throughout every element of life according to Greene. I believe it too, whether you call this higher power God or 'Divine One' or 'Supreme Being', it's definitely there. I couldn't imagine life without the presence of the divine in some form. I think I've said previously that my creativity and spirituality are so entwined it's difficult to tell the two apart. The book is fab, and I'm going to read it again as I'm sure there are some 'deep' parts I've missed. I really admire people who can write, it truly is an art form. Wish I could write a book - I'll have to put it down on my dream list!

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Lisa said...

Oh we used to draw those all the time. Over here we call them Kilroys but I don't know why.