Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas dolls and smiley faces!

Here's my Christmas doll for the 100-dolls-challenge. I didn't actually make it this Christmas, but when I found it in our decorations' box I decided I want to include it because I like it. And the rules for my doll challenge are that there are no rules really, so I figured as I made it, it doesn't matter that it's a year or two old. I do remember making a point of creating it as I felt I was wasn't making enough things, life really was taking over and I believed Christmas was a jolly good reason for taking some creative time out. The children really like it because you can fill the apron with sweets. Yum!

Not much writing tonight, we've just come back from a function at the school and are very tired, it's been so hot today it's just too exhausting!

Did anyone see the smiley face in the sky last night? I think it was a southern hemisphere happening - there was a crescent moon for a smiley mouth, and Jupiter and Venus made the eyes. It was spectacular. I thought they were stars last night, and found out they were actually planets when I saw the yahoo home page today. Wish I could turn back time just so I could have another look, and really appreciate the beauty of the planets. Oh well, only have to wait another 5 years to see it again!

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