Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here's some doodling from a quiet moment today. It's funny how different people can like different things in the same drawing. My son really loved the eye, he thought it was very expressive! I like the curvy lines, and think I may include them in a painting sometime. It's interesting to see what comes to fruition when you're just armed with a pen and paper and no agenda.

After my marathon post yesterday, I will keep today's entry short and sweet! I just remembered something else though about my painting which was the result of our bush walk meditation. My friend looked at the painting and said she could see the symbol of the dove in the feathery gold and purple I'd done at the base of the 'figure'. She felt that I had come to peace over some of my issues. I hadn't intended that at all, but on looking again I could see what she meant. I just love hearing other people's perspectives - it keeps life interesting!

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