Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baking hot day ...

Don't know what came over me today - baked a loaf of bread (in breadmaker), made a quiche and some meringues with the leftover egg whites. All on a 40 degree day! I must be mad, the house was like an oven by the time I'd finished. However, must be something in the creative process of baking because as I was rolling out the pastry I had an idea for a new art doll. Hopefully, I will get it finished before the week is out. I have a cardboard torso (sounds bad, but it's just a blank canvas really!) which I would like to paint. Thinking of painting it in pastel colours, but putting some very strong messages to myself on it, all about the awesome-ness of being a woman!! I know that some people look down on women that choose to stay at home and look after their children full-time, but I think I'm rather good at being a wife and mum, so I'm going to paint my doll to celebrate that fact!

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Lisa said...

Amen! I think people should look UP to women who do what you do. You could come here and bake and make our apartment warmer. :) And then we could make art dolls.