Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fusion Blanket - sewing and crochet - yay!

Yesterday was day 26 of my blog countdown challenge, so today must be 27!  Yikes, that magical number 70 will be here before I know it!

I had training for work yesterday, a fantastic day learning all about nurturing youth, very thought-provoking but also exhausting - hence I went to bed early instead of blogging.  My brain was already stretched to the max!

Today has been a typical day for catching up with chores, but I also had time to catch up with my crafty crew for a natter and a cuppa.  It's my weekly sanity :)  I'm sure the girls don't know quite how much they keep my feet on the ground.  My project is the fusion blanket - part sewing, part crochet - totally beautiful!

This one is for my daughter who has set me a challenge to finish it before we leave for the UK.  Not sure how that one is going to go ... check out these blogs (here and here) who inspired us to start the journey.  (Thank you Little Miss Shabby and Sewing Daisies)

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