Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hand knitted socks

Eeek - day 16 already!  Time sure flies.  And we're nearly halfway through May!

It's my second week of me-made-May, and here's my third item for the week, a pair of hand-knitted socks :)  They took me nearly 2 winters to complete, because to be honest I was terrified of knitting on 5 needles - but I persevered and hey presto!  The more you knit, the less holey your socks are - practise does make perfect it would seem :)

The socks are very, very comfy.  I don't think you can beat a handmade sock for comfort actually!  I wore them all day, and they are as comfy as when I first put them on this morning.

These are made from a self-striping yarn, Spotlight's own if I remember correctly.  It seems very similar to Patons Patonyle, only cheaper and to be honest not as good quality :(  But I like the colours, and for a first pair of socks the yarn was fine.

The pattern was from an old Spotlight magazine, though you are bound to be able to find similar patterns on the net.  I just wanted a simple pattern as the wool is so stripey.  Next I would love to try cabled socks. 

Yes, more self-made socks are definitely on the agenda now I've overcome my fear of multi-needles!

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