Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bubba (how green is that grass?)
So it's day 23.

Today I saw one of my friends for the last time, for a while at least.  She's moving back to the UK.  I will miss her and it makes me feel sad.

Bubba and Mumma
Whilst preparing myself for the visit on my morning walk I was thinking of things that make me happy.

Here's my little list:

Walking in the forest
Breathing in the eucalyptus scented and COOL air
Laughter in the distance - my own is also good :)
Mist rising in the valley
Kangaroos in the garden
A hearty meal on an autumn evening (tonight it was beef stroganoff - yum)
Visiting Spotlight and looking at fabric - did this after leaving my friend!
Cuddling up on Little Man's bed and sharing the reading of bedtime stories
Purple yarn with fluffy pompoms (that's a whole other post)
Crosswords - especially with help - thanks Little Man xxx

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Janet said...

I love seeing the roos. :)