Saturday, May 3, 2014

Winter is coming

Cor ... nearly forgot!  Day 6 ...

First of my me-made-May items - a  fluffy scarf!!  It's funny, but in winter nothing makes me feel more warm and snuggly than a scarf.  And if I happen to be poorly like yesterday, nothing gives comfort more than a fluffy scarf :)

I like this one in shades of yellow and green.

It's a yarn called 'Tracey' from Spotlight, and it seems to be a so-called 'magic ball' of yarn, i.e. it's various yarns knotted together to make a ball.

I knitted it up as shown on the band in lengthwise stripes, but I'm sure it would work as well with Dr Who stripes.

There is a photo of me wearing said scarf, but that one is on my phone and out of reach, so you'll have to wait for that delight.

I've learned one thing already from my me-made-May - I need more fluffy scarves!

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