Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A cold remedy, Me-Made-May 2014 and a question of vintage ... or not ...

Firstly, I've lost track of the days before I leave for the UK ...

Secondly, I'm sitting here sipping the best cold elixir ever as I write this.  I was going to reach for the ibuprofen because of sinus pain, when a friend offered to make me a honey and apple cider vinegar drink.  Oh my word!  It really worked and I didn't needto reach for the pills ... a simple recipe, 1tbs honey, 1tbs apple cider vinegar in a mug, then fill up with hot water and stir.  Sip away!  Much, much tastier than a Lemsip (yeuch!)

This blasted cold is the reason for my having lost my blogging mojo for the past couple of days.  I was off work yesterday and just slept the whole day instead, which to be honest was probably the best medicine.

So I have another me-made-May item to share with you as well.  It's another splice skirt! I love them so much.  I was even looking at quilting fabrics the other day, imagining which ones would go together in another splice rather than which quilting project I want to do next :)  Quilting fabrics are just so beautiful aren't they? 

And of course, I've been working on my crochet fusion blanket.  Using my beautiful and faithful old 100 Classica Husqvarna machine.  Seeing as it was bought for me nearly 24 years ago, can I class it as vintage yet?

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