Monday, May 19, 2014

Nothing is sacred ...

Day 22!!!!

Semi-circle pockets set in the side seam
I'm rather pleased with the pockets on this skirt. 

I'm also rather pleased with myself that it's a skirt I drafted myself.

I wasn't pleased when I went to work on my skirt and I couldn't find the front with the pockets.  It was a mystery - where could it be?  Eventually it was found in a scrumpled heap in the doorway to Big B's room.  Hmmmm .... strange ...

There were what I took to be cat paw prints on it, and some teeny tiny indentations I took to be claw marks.  We often have visits from next door's mischievous ginger tom.  He must have taken a fancy to it.  That was my little fantasy for why I'd lost 30 mins of good sewing time looking for the thing ... until I tried to explain it to my daughter ... who burst out laughing ...

Turns out she was playing a game with Charlie dog and he got a little bit over excited.  He ran off and returned with a piece of 'something' in his mouth and proceeded to toss it around in the air.  So it was teeth marks and dog slobber on my skirt.  Don't know which is worse really.

Well, it's all sewn up now, and ready to be blogged about.   It's going to have a really good wash first though.
A more accurate representation of the colour, and a good view of how the pockets look straight on

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