Monday, May 5, 2014

An old favourite

Day 8 ...

... plus it's my third me-made-May day!  I've achieved my first week with 3 items - yay!  Unwittingly this time I put on an old favourite of mine before I remembered it's also a me-made item.  I can't even remember which pattern I used, although I'm sure the pattern is lurking in the far reaches of my wardrobe ... this should inspire me to go look for it, as this is a tried and tested t-shirt.  I do remember that I bought the material from a boutique fabric shop in Kalamunda several years ago, and I have just enough for the back and front of a new t-shirt which will be finished eventually, when I get the time.

This t-shirt is testament to the fact that when you get it right, spending that extra time dress-making beats buying ready to wear hands down.  Getting the right fitting garment, in a fabric that you know no-one will be wearing in the same way is damn near perfect :)

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Chris said...

That's a stunning top Lara.