Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday - the new Friday

I love Thursdays.  They are like my Fridays because I finish my working week on Thursday.  Today was a training day in the city and I got to experience the rush hour traffic on the train.  One day was enough for me, and Perth isn't even a huge city.  I think I'm just a country loving hippy!

Thursday night is also a time I sit and do some crafty stuff.  Today I've been making a fusion blanket (not the nuclear kind!).  It's for HB and she sidled up to me today and said, 'if you finish it in time I can take it on holiday so I can think of you'.  I think I've been set a challenge :)  I will blog about it very soon and show you the safer version of fusion blankets!

Just a little chat today so you know what's going on in my life :)  It's day 18 of my countdown xx

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