Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me-made-May 2014 - pink fluffy scarf

OK - so Saturday would be day 20 of my blogging challenge/countdown to the UK.  It's a bit late in being written as we've been to friends and had a wine and pizza evening.  Very pleasant, but not conducive to getting things done on time :)

Anyhoo ... it's my second day of my third week of my made-May 2014 challenge.  (Apols for photos; they were taken on my phone at dusk!)  Today I've been wearing my favourite me-made scarf.  It's very pink and very fluffy and I love it.  It's my feel good scarf.  It's warm and it makes me feel happy - win-win!

I knitted it when I first moved to the Hills so it's approximately 8 years old.  Consequently I can't remember the pattern or the wool I used, but I have some recollection of getting it in Spotlight.  You know it's a good handmade item when you wear it year after year just because it feels good.

Do you have anything like that in your wardrobe?

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