Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleeping under the stars ...

I am limping to the finishing line of 100 blogging days - by which time I hope to have got into the habit of blogging and I will keep going. It has been a wonderful experience, and has kick started my creativity - my husband is starting to wonder where we are going to put all of my creations. My few missing days recently have been because of sheer tiredness and not feeling well, hoping to resume normal service soon!

Now, although I do frequently moan (sorry) about the hot weather over here, it also does have its advantages. I've been wanting to sleep outside for a while, thinking how lovely it would be to fall asleep under the stars, so last night we took a camp bed outside, plus our quilt and pillows (!) and slept outside. Yippee! We also had my mozzie net up - the first time it's been used since I bought it 7 years ago. I tell you I felt like a fairy princess! It was fantastic! Every time I woke up I just looked up at the stars until I fell asleep again. I can honestly say it's the best sleep I've had in a long time. The kiddies have had fun too today, slipping in under the net and sitting on the bed to read. I took this photo this morning with the early sun falling on it, as it looks so magical.

I think it does you good to have a break from the routine and do something spontaneous and childlike. Sometimes we get so stressed out we need a break from the same old, same old. Tonight I'm going to look at those stars and imagine what my loved ones on the other side of the world are doing in their day time ...

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