Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My day in WA

More like my evening in WA really - after our evening meal we all piled into the car and drove into Midland to have a look at my shop front! I'm really pleased with it -my husband had a couple of large windows left blank and said I could use one to advertise my artwork if I wanted. Do I? Well, the lovely people at Its a Sign Company made a stylized version of my painting 'Choices' which I blogged about way back in September, and it looks pretty amazing on a window! I hadn't dressed to co-ordinate with it on purpose, but my bright summery skirt does go with it rather well. My studio is a small room in the back of the store, which will be brilliant as it's my first dedicated studio space. I'm hoping to run some creativity lessons from there later in the year, so watch this space...

It was dark when we got back home, and I still had to water my poor plants who are withering in this heat, and need watering daily by hand. Water is so precious here, we have 2 scheduled nights a week to water by reticulation, then it's watering cans the rest of the time! Anyway, I couldn't see too well and walked straight into a spider's web which was strung between the peach tree next to the house and our shade cloth over the table in the centre of our yard. A pretty big web, which felt horrible as my face went through it - but thank goodness the spider didn't land on my head! It does look pretty impressive though! After my breaking the anchor threads of his web, he scuttled back up his 'line' and went to the centre of the web, so I could take this photo. What amazing colours and all totally natural - the beauty of the living world never ceases to surprise me.


Lisa said...

How exciting! It looks wonderful! But the spider made me shiver. hee He's beautiful, though.

Lara said...

Thank you! Yes, the spider does look a bit scary, but at least it didn't land on my head. That would have been very entertaining for everyone else watching me run about screaming!
Lisa, could you let me know by comment or e-mail (see profile) if this comment gets sent to your e-mail? I'm still trying to work out how this whole blog and comment thing works! thanks!