Thursday, January 1, 2009

Don't think and amazing things will appear!

First of all I will give you the links for the dolls as promised yesterday. You can find information to inspire you to create dolls on the site which is home to the 100- art-doll challenge - Stacey and Arrigo just have the most awesome dolls to share and stories to go with them. I am also doing an online healing-medicine doll course with Barb Kobe; I've only read half of the introduction and am very excited about it already. It promises to be a very transformative process.

I did the above 'doodle' whilst waiting for my husband to finish using the PC. Thought I would do another 5-minute challenge (I've been too busy socialising today to be too creative!!) and come up with something for the blog. So I didn't give myself too much time to think about what I was going to do, as when I think too much that's when I get in a muddle. I decided to do a practised art therapy technique, of which the name escapes me for now, which is to draw squiggles on a page and then look to see what images appear to be there. With art journal and pencil in hand, I whispered to myself 'no agenda' before putting pencil to paper and drawing random squiggles. Then I looked and was hoping for a few images, but I could only focus on one, which I have called 'A Mother's Love' - unfortunately the squiggles didn't scan too well, but you can see the shapes I've coloured in. To me it appeared that there was a mother looking down at her baby, giving it a cuddle! Mum is in the blue shapes, and the baby in the orange. I asked my husband what he thought, just in case I was totally mad, and he could see it too after I described the image. It's a really interesting thing to do - but you have to let go of preconceived ideas and simply look, not expecting to see anything and it's amazing what appears.

This was all the more poignant for me, because we spent most of today with dear friends, who also have children. I watched the mum with her baby daughter, and she would look at her with such unconditional love, it made the heart smile. Beautiful.

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