Saturday, January 10, 2009

Childhood Ambitions

Here are some flowers I've made for my Grandmother's Garden quilt. Only 7 so far, since 2004. Hmm ... it's taking a while! The detail photo shows how tiny the stitching is, all done by hand. The doll course that I'm doing with Barb Kobe gives us journal prompts to think about, and we've been asked to think about dolls and soft toys from our childhood. Well, it got me thinking about other childhood hobbies and ambitions and I remember making a patchwork flower at Girls Brigade when I was 11, and I determined then that I would one day make a whole quilt like this, and it all had to be done by hand. So.... the original pattern I'm using says to make 52 flowers and that's not counting the half flowers for the edges. I've worked out that at my present rate of sewing it will take me about 500 years to complete this amount, so have decided to make 17, so I will have a much smaller quilt but should finish it in about 60 years so a much safer bet! I do enjoy sitting and sewing my wee flowers, it is actually very relaxing if very time consuming. If I was sensible I could actually take it with me when I'm in the passenger seat of the car for example, or when I have to wait for people when picking them up from events (you know, mum's taxi service!) I know I will finish it, if I've been intent on making one for the past 27 years it will eventually materialize!

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